Damocles Fencer Development Programs

In line with the Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) Athlete Development model, our programs provide a progression of skill development that recognizes the changing abilities of individuals as they develop physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially. Our programs aim to support the refinement of fencing-specific skills and help our participants become confident individuals who continue to enjoy fencing and stay active for life.

Minimum age to start:  9 years old        NOTE: There is no upper age limit, Adult beginners are welcome.           

BEGINNER PROGRAM: This ten week program introduces participants to basic fencing skills and the logic of fencing and includes a variety of activities to develop agility, balance & coordination. Participants are encouraged to work both independently and cooperatively in the group.  Beginners over the age of 14 may start through a series of private lessons arranged by mutual agreement with the coach before joining a higher level development program.

Equipment Requirements:          All fencing equipment is provided by the club.

Training Frequency:                      1 fencing session (60-75 min.) per week. Participate daily in a variety of physical activities. 

Competition Frequency:              1 novice tournament (age specific beginners only) depending on interest & readiness of fencer.

Level 1 Fundamentals Program: For participants who have completed a beginner program, the fundamentals program develops increasing control of basic fencing techniques (yellow level), an understanding of the tactical game including refereeing knowledge and aims to build agility, balance & coordination, improve core body strength, and foster good sportsmanship behaviors.

Equipment Requirements:          Personal fencing glove and mask.

Training Frequency:                    1 fencing session (75 min.) per week. Participate daily in a variety of other physical activities.

Competition Frequency:              1 novice tournament  (age specific only) and 1 or 2 other local development competitions.

Level 2 Learn to Train Program: For fencers who have completed the yellow level technical skills, the Learn to Train program begins to build good sport training habits, increases the fencing-specific technical/tactical repertoire (orange level) and refines fundamental movement skills with improvements in strength, endurance, flexibility & speed. At this stage, participants are expected to warm-up and cool down independently and are encouraged to enter local tournaments (within their age group) to meet fencers from other clubs, experience different fencing styles and test out their own skills. At the end of this stage, fencers have sufficient skill to enjoy fencing recreationally.

Equipment Requirements:         Glove, mask, sous-plastron, electric weapon & body cord

Training Frequency:                   2 fencing sessions (130-150 min.) per week.  Participate daily in a variety of physical activities .  

Competition Frequency:              3-6 development competitions over eight month season depending on fencer's interest

Level 3 Train to Train Program: For fencers who have completed the orange level technical requirements and want to develop more competitive skills, the Train to Train program aims to improve mental focus and emotional composure needed to make good tactical decisions and to employ a larger skill repertoire (green & blue levels) in bouting. Fencers are expected to set goals and train independently. Physical preparation is linked to fencing specific needs.  Training and competitions are linked to a yearly training plan with a regular evaluation of progress.

 Equipment Requirements:        Glove, mask, 2 electric weapons & 2 body cords, sous-plastron practice jacket, breeches, electric jacket

Training Frequency:                    3 fencing sessions (3-4 hrs) per week. 10-20 private lessons per season.  2-3 physical                                                                                                     training sessions per week to build overall physical capacities and balance muscular strength             

Competition Frequency:              5-8 competitions over nine month season of which 1 is a performance competition

Level 4 Train to Compete Program:  For participants who want to pursue competitive success at the national level, this program involves intensive training to reach optimal fitness and to perform refined skills under competitive pressure.  The yearly training and competition plan demands commitment from the fencer within a training group, family support and additional financial contribution for travel & equipment.  Level 4 fencers are encouraged to join the provincial high performance program.

 Equipment Requirements:          All personal equipment with 3 electric weapons & FIE (international) standard mask & clothing

Training Frequency:                     3-4 fencing sessions with key training partners (5-8 hrs) per week. 20-40 private lessons per                                                               season. 3 physical conditioning sessions per week, mental preparation program

Competition Frequency:              8-14 competitions over a nine month season of which 2 are performance competitions

"Sport for Life" Recreational Fencing: For members who have achieved a good level of technical control and are able to train independently, they are welcome to participate in open bouting sessions or as sparring partners during instructional programs.