Introduction: The greatest enjoyment of fencing arises when fencers reach a high level of skill and can successfully fence opponents with similarly high levels of skill. Whether one competes informally in a club setting or formally in organized competitions, the skills required to gain the greatest rewards for your efforts are the same.   

One of the best ways to achieve such skill refinement is through private lessons. This involves a focused period of time (20   40 minutes) during which the coach sets up a small number of drills for the fencer to perform against the coach's target. This enables the coach to provide the fencer with numerous repetitions and very specific feedback on technical and tactical improvements. The lesson theme can assist the fencer in setting clear training goals for group practice. Fencers must be prepared to sustain a high degree of mental focus throughtout the lesson time.

Background of lesson coach:

Barbara Daniel is a nationally certified coach at Level 4 in foil and epee. She has been instructing fencing since 1975 to fencers of all ages and is the founding coach of the Damocles club.

Lesson Policy:

  1. Private lessons will be offered only in groups of 5 or 10 lessons and must be scheduled either weekly or bi-weekly. Lesson frequency has a significant impact on the fencer's ability to make technical and tactical improvements.

  2. A fencer or coach may reschedule one lesson within each group of five lessons.

  3. Scheduled lessons which are missed without notifying the coach in advance may not be rescheduled.

  4. Fencers are expected to complete a personal warm-up lasting at least five minutes prior to the scheduled start of each lesson.

  5. Given limited availability of lesson time, priority for lessons will be given to fencers in the intensive program.

Lesson Fees:      5 lesson package: $ 90              10 lesson package: $175

Note: The first lesson will normally involve goal setting and technical assessment.